Printabowl - 3D Printing the Future of Elevation Instrument Design

3D Printing the Future of Elevation Instrument Design

Creating Ceramic Elevation Instruments from 3D Printing

Printabowl produces experimental designs using 3D printing technology
Alpha | $300.00

Conceptualized in homage to ancient hand-spun ceramic ware fabrication, Alpha‘s minimalist form, manifest in its subtle striations, exudes a serene elegance.
Edition of 20

Ferro | $325.00

Inspired from ferrofluid, a dynamic liquid reactive to magnetic forces, Ferro acts as a prologue to the design possibilities excited by 3D printing with a pronounced tactual appeal.
Edition of 10

Tessellate | $300.00

Tessellate‘s angular geometry recalls the naturally sharp angles characteristic of smokey quartz, a semiprecious crystal renowned for its ethereal grounding properties.
Edition of 20

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Creating Design-Minded Water Pipes Using 3D Printing Technology

Printabowl's debut Cumulo Collection features three distinct designs produced in closed editions. Printed in ceramic, each elevation instrument undergoes thorough inspection to ensure standard-exceeding quality and durability as pieces of fine art, physical manifestations of 3D printing's earliest impact on smoking culture.

  • 10mm Lab Grade Borosilicate Glass Slides
  • 10mm Quartz Bangers (4mm thickness)
  • 10mm Lab Grade Borosilicate Glass Downstems
  • Hard Plastic Snap-Lock Travel Cases

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